The cure called Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling is the most productive thing ever for a workspace!

Feeling frustrated at work because you can't concentrate?

The solution is called Noise Cancelling, i bought an JBL Tune600BTNC and all my problems went away! People have to send me messages now for me to take my headphones off and speak to them - all the pain went away.

  • No Keyboard Noise 
  • No People Speaking
  • No Outside Music
  • Infinite happiness!

The workspace now feels ZEN, but how does Noise Cancelling works?

The headphones uses a microphone to listen to external noise and creates an opposite frequency to cancel out the noise, the result is silence. The efficiency of Noise Cancelling are measured in DB, higher DB  = less external noise.

I strongly recommend purchasing one to decrease stress and increase patience. 


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