Why Quotes?

Quotes are experiences on steroids 

Some years ago I started writing quotes about business, philosophy and many other subjects but why did I start?

In 2012 when I was 20 years old due to several bad experiences I was deeply lost in philosophical standards, literally asking the question "to be or not to be". As I ventured towards the pyramid of knowledge of life and the cosmos it became clear to me that there are pandora boxes that are not meant to be opened, avoiding them and learning their location is a plus however that won't stop them from jumping at you and if you don't have the right equipment things can get really messy (dark souls reference), fortunately several years later I was really lucky and met an incredible person that had already experienced my inner darkness first hand and was motivated to kick the shit out of me with DIY solutions and became one of my best friends. 

It was at this point that I started having infinite philosophical discussions that lasted entire afternoons and it became clear to me what was needed to be done in order to improve myself, however if I didn't had no one willing to share this extreme expensive knowledge that you can't really pay even if you are a billionaire I would probably still be in deep shit.

That however didn't stopped me from making more mistakes later on (and learn from them), when I was searching several sectors to open a company an old friend of mine approached me with a business proposal in the music industry. I became a Co-Founder and CEO, we had everything since hardware to public relations and we were motivated to have the best standards even with low resources and when everything was looking perfect it all fell apart, we were paying too much taxes, making zero profit and we decided to close the company (believe me when I say it was one of the hardest decisions I had done in my entire life and the process of dealing with it was not easy), get back to square one and return in full strength when we have all the conditions necessary to achieve absolute victory.

Sharing knowledge and experiences that I experience in my journey in life is a way for me to reflect the mindset I had in a period of time, it's also a way to inspire people that are troubled to find solutions for problems I already solved (or at least I think I solved).  Like this blog or a vblog (that I plan to start in the near future), quotes are a way to express myself honestly and openly towards the world, think of it as a continuous philosophical journey where you challenge yourself each day to become a better human being and compare yourself in the bigger picture each time. For example let's say you truly believe you have the best solution towards a problem and later on you find a better solution, isn't it more productive to share your experience?

When you share knowledge and experiences magic happens and sometimes you learn even more since people with different perspectives can give you another solution that makes your solution even more robust or completely useless. 
That's the foundation of my quotes.